This article is merely to outline what I (Combatwaffles) plan on doing in the immediate future to revamp the wiki, hopefully this page can help to coordinate efforts to fix up this site.

  1. Create pages for buffs, debuffs, and weapons
    • Following templates need to be created at some point.
      • template for buffs: buff icon, effect, duration, and what gives it
      • template for debuffs: debuff icon, effect, duration, what gives it, what cures it
      • template for weapons: weapon image, range, damage, clip size, fire rate, locked on behaviour, unlocked behaviour, debuffs given, special attacks/etc.
  2. Transcribe patch notes from kongregate forums to create a timeline of the development of the game.
  3. POSSIBLY list of known exploits and bugs, with a brief description of each.
    • LIkely not to include the ones which can be reverse engineered from a description
    • This would be so people would know what to keep an eye out for, though I'm unsure if I would actually want to publish even a brief description of the assorted glitches, as many people would try to figure them out even given a little bit of info.
  4. Expanded class analysis
  5. brief description of frg's other games/current known members of the frg team/their roles.
  6. more to be added to this list as I think of this.
  7. (Vesnar will handle this task since it'll be easier to coordinate if only one person is doing this at a time)  Hyperlink every linkable word in all the articles wherever relevant.