This is the guide to Techs, and the incredible potential of their Ultimate skill, the Suppressor.

I will introduce the Suppressor to you. The Suppressor is essentially an automated player that cannot move, and shoots enemies for you. However, it does have a few perks.

You do not need to place your Suppressor where I say it is best, judgement is up to the player and sometimes the player is fooling around or having fun or something. This guide is a guide to where a suppressor canbe more effective, not a law. This idea is taken into account when I state general and unspecific suggestions and tips(note: may not necessarily be more effective in different situations. Generally one wants their Suppressor to be able to fire at enemies.. so... (THIS is an explanation, can skip)

Suppressors can not fire at high angles or below 0 degrees/the foundations/the base. Suppressors can fire from approximately 60-70 degrees to 0 degrees in a 360 degree area.

Beautiful Diagram:






Legend: E is the enemy
        S is your suppressor
        ^ is area where your suppressor can aim
        - is the air
        . is to stop wiki format screwing up my beautiful diagram
  • Note: The Suppressor can not fire to things very close to it, if an enemy is right on a Suppressor, Suppressor has trouble aiming at the enemy, in which it will not lock on to the enemy.
  • Note: the Suppressor might shoot at a lower/higher angle than the depicted angle in the diagram.

Notice how the enemy in the diagram is safe from your Suppressor. Your Suppressor can't fire right up at the enemy, and the enemy is thus Safe. You most probably don't want that occurring.

Also to note, when an enemy gets into the safe zone, the suppressor loses lock-on, and it takes time to reload.

(Note this diagram can be flipped any way to accommodate for the orientation in which you placed your Suppressor: i.e placed it on the ceiling, on the side wall, or on a slanted surface, this diagram still applies.)

Basic UsageEdit

Press 'Q' to place on any surface except for forcefields. If there is not enough space, it may fail to place.

When nearby, press 'Q' to upgrade your suppressor maximum of 2 times. When attempting to upgrade beyond level 3, your suppressor will release a shockwave that deals damage and pushes enemies back (I do not know any specifics of this; have done no controlled testing with other people).

Press 'Q' when not near your suppressor to move it. (requires 'Q' to be charged and will count as using it)

The suppressor will automatically take a few seconds to lock onto the closest enemy within range and then deal damage and start stacking a debuff that increases the time between that enemy's actions thereby reducing their efficacy in combat (maximum of 10 stacks per enemy).

Ways to use the Suppressor:Edit

a couple examples:

  • Decoy
  • Firing Support
  • Tank
  • Fallback Point
  • Surprise Attack
  • Sitting in Spawn
  • Early Warning System
  • Defense Mechanism (No crap Sherlock)
  • And so forth..

Some of these examples are not as generally useful as others, but situationally can be very useful

Make sure that your Suppressor is achieving a result to some extent, a level 3 Suppressor in a Safezone for you is infinitely less useful than a level 1 Suppressor in an area few go to.

Optimizing placement: DecoyEdit

  1. Job: to distract and make the enemy have to attack your friend
  2. Placement: obvious spots easily seen in the battle, but a little bit to the side
  3. Examples: place on a wall perpendicular to the ground near an objective point, place right in the path of the enemy around a corner, obviously hanging from the ceiling, an Early Warning System

Optimizing placement: Firing SupportEdit

  1. Job: to help shoot down enemies and stay a lower priority target
  2. Placement: tucked away in some corner but able to shoot enemies in a hotspot
  3. Examples: IFF ceiling close to ground/in range; place on ceiling next to wall, on wall next to ceiling, on floor next to wall, hidden behind an object(s) all near fighting and able to shoot enemies (check the "Crucial NOTE" above)

Optimizing placement: TankEdit

  1. Job: to be obvious like a decoy, but instead to be on the ground in an open area to tank damage for you
  2. Placement: in an area with ample space for you to move around it easily
  3. Examples: On a CP

Optimizing placement: Fallback PointEdit

  1. Job: to create a safe place that repels chasers
  2. Placement: in a place a small distance away from fighting, or a central position, or behind some cover
  3. Examples: in central point of moonbase when the CP has moved, behind some boxes/walls, around corners in low-traffic areas

Optimizing placement: Surprise AttackEdit

  1. Job: to ninja attack people when they least expect it in some random (or calculated) spot
  2. Placement: near powerups, in sheltered passages, behind random objects
  3. Examples: a Fallback Point, in escape routes that enemies take, enemy sniper spots, f-bomb pickups

Optimizing placement: Sitting in SpawnEdit

  1. Job: to guard the entrance of the spawn from terrible invaders, to upgrade safely and later be transported
  2. Placement: somewhere behind your forcefield in the spawn
  3. Examples: on the ceiling of the spawn, on the floor, on a back wall, on a side wall

Optimizing placement: Early Warning SystemEdit

  1. Job: to hit enemies or get hit in a certain area to warn you about incoming threats from a certain location
  2. Placement: predictable camper spots, possible routes an enemy will take to attack, etc.
  3. Examples: Surprise Attack, health pads, possible enemy paths

Team EffortEdit

1) Spread out your Suppressors but close together
  • If they are too close together, enemies can just bomb and destroy them easily.
2) Make sure Suppressors can cover each other
  • Doing this will cover each other's blind spot
3) Make sure you keep turning around to look for wayward enemies that are shooting at your team
  • Example: a Kneeling Gunner using Shotgun - extremely dangerous

TL;DR quick fix/suggestions Edit

  • Suppressor is disposable tool/friend, don't sacrifice everything to stay with your buddy
  • If you need a buddy because your team ran away, there is your buddy in the open with you
  • If your team is with you, you can stuff your buddy in the corner somewhere and have him support
  • Generally want your friend out of sight from snipers because you want him to fight as long as possible
  • If you really have no place to put your suppressor (or it keeps dying instantly) you can place it in your spawn and upgrade it to level 3, then move it somewhere else (using q)
  • All these tips are subject to personal opinion of the current situation, use your experiences above all else
  • You can move your suppressor by pressing Q while aiming at another spot

The Suppressor is essentially, what makes a Tech a Tech. It is the masterpiece of the class. It levels up. It explodes and has flashy graphics. It drops your enemies (hard). Tech is meant to be an 'engineer' with its Nano Heal and Repair Beam, but without Suppressor, it would be a dead class.