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Blaze Knight Skin

Skins are customizations for classes. Each class has at least 1 or more unique skins. They are competely cosmetic. They also can not be bought with in-game cash. 

Prices for each skin  

  • STO (Gunner) : 45 kreds
  • Veteran (gunner) : 10 kreds 
  • Anvil (Tank) : 45 kreds 
  • Blitz (Scout) : 40 kreds 
  • Bastion (Tech) : 35 kreds 
  • Blaze Knight (Blazer) : 50 kreds 
  • Magnus (Blaster) : 45 kreds 
  • Odin (blaster) : 45 kreds 
  • Blackout (Assassin) : 25 kreds 
  • Randall (Shocker) : 0 kreds 
  • Shango (shocker) : 50 kreds

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Blackout Assassin Skin

What the skins meanEdit

STO Gunner Suit: The STO infantry, who works for the USM and he is blessed with super firefight tactics and is the only best gunner suit. Cosmetic.

Veteran Gunner Suit: The veteran is back! March with this cosmetic veteran suit, which gives a taste of the old wars! Syamba!

Anvil Tank Suit: The most awesome tank skin in the Free Fall Tournament world. He is also cosmetic.

Blitz Scout Suit: As the name says, if you want blitz speed, this cosmetic suit is for you. Get revenge and avoid those attacks like a Quickgold! I mean Quicksilver!

Blaze Knight Suit: The knight comes from the west, but, with fire! Another cosmetic skin for more fun experience.

Odin Blaster Suit: Become Odin like Thor's father in Asgard. But instead, this guy uses guns and rocket launchers for some shit! Cosmetic suit for those Blasters.

Blackout Assassin Suit: Get a blackout. The Assassin is rendered to be fast, agile, powerless, but now he returns with a BLACK skin. Cosmetic.

Shango Shocker Suit: This suit's name is Shango, then Shango is Shango. Randall is Randall. Perfect choice for 1 vs 1 situations. Cosmetic again!!

Magnus Blaster Suit: A god-like blaster suit, this is King Magnus! The powerless - powerful Blaster known as the blaster, then it's a King Blaster. Cosmetic. Again.

Bastion Tech Suit: The old ugly tech has changed his appearance! he is now moar handsome and powerful? Cosmetic, all skins are cosmetic.

Randall Memorial Shocker Suit: This suit serves as a memorial for a person named Harrison Randall, who was making a new tech helmet when he was tragically stuck by a car, over a year ago. He pushed his girlfriend out of the way, taking the hit by himself. While the suit isn't much, it serves as a reminder for Randall, who was, just like a shocker, selfless and heroic.