The Shocker is a class that was released along with The Blaster , The Blazer and The Assassin. It is part of the Utility Chassis along with the Tech.

This hero is known for his support in battle:He can build an Aegis protection devices, place EMP mines, repair friendly shields, shoot expanding balls of damage that lower the defence and shields of the target. 


Lightning Gun: A weapon that heals all allies shields and damages enemies for relatively low damage. Lightning Gun can damage enemies and hit 3 targets. Damage is about 80 per tick.

Orb Caster: The fired balls expand over time while dealing less damage.This weapon is for close range fights making a large area of enemies stunned.Damage ranges from approximately 140ish to 12 per tick.


Ultimate (Q): Aegis ShieldEdit

Aegis Creates a support structure that has a forcefield that blocks all projectiles from passing through it. The shields of the Aegis is the forcefield, so an enemy can bypass the shields of an Aegis by walking through the forcefield. Using ultimate again while near an Aegis will upgrade it. Upgrading the Aegis makes the radius of the shield larger, heals the Aegis and increases the Health Points of the shield & life. When upgrading after level III the ultimate instead causes an AOE shockwave, which does not heal the Aegis.

Melee (E): Edit

Innervate Completely heals any friendly shields within 20 meters and shocks(stuns) nearby enemies

Bomb Type (F):Edit

EMP Mines=== Sticks to walls/floor and deals large lightning damage to nearby enemies and blows up by itself if not touched.