Playing the game a lonmg time can give you hints and ways  to attack byour enemys. for example there are some hidden spots (If your a beginner) 'you might not see. even for some of the best players there are places that could help you... a lot.

Hidden spots for shuttle baseEdit

If you are just spawning and you want to make it out of your base without having a chance of being hurt by enemys, go to your left or right of your spwaning point and not only is it safe from enemys, it also holds a health upgrade just in case. you can

You can also fit in tight/ small places on the shuttle which can make it to where you can attack without being seen

Hidden spots for facilityEdit

the towers are a great place, back up far enough so that your enemys can't see you from the air and then (if your a gunner) attack both ground and air units this'll give you an edge on the battle field'''''.


Hidden spots for training area

don't wanna get hurt at training area? well, you'll get dizzy after doing this, just jump untill you fall from the ledge of every part. you'll fall... under the training area!!!