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The Scout is a quick and agile class with a Turbo Boost ability and a lightning fast Doped Saber. It is capable of navigating the map with much speed, helped by boosting skill, causing terror within the enemy's ranks. Its secondary skill, the melee, is an incredibly fast flying kick which deals damage with some knockback. Its primary weapon is a rapid-fire Submachine Gun.  With its secondary weapon, the Doped Saber, it can deal damage on a close range while locked on and still move around insanely fast. The Scout has the lowest health of any class, so it primarily relies on its speed and maneuverability to stay alive.


Submachine Gun:Edit

Scout Sub MachineGun

Light weight gun that combines mobility with lethal rapid fire capabilities. When locked on, fires at a four-round burst. The first burst fired with a full magazine is a five-round burst.

Doped Saber:Edit

Scout DopedSaber

Radioactive sword used for rapid slashing attacks.("R" Skill - Doped Saber Chop. Covers an impressive distance to a target within seconds, dealing a large amount of damage upon arrival.)


Ultimate (Q): Turbo BoostEdit

Turbo Boost Icon

Turbo boost gives a large speed increase, the speed increase allows a Scout to fly around at incredible speeds exceeding 100 mph. It lasts 8 seconds. Use it in midair to get a quick escape.

Melee (E): Thunder KickEdit

Thunder Kick Icon

Thunder kick is the melee skill for a Scout. Using it causes the player to charge a long way at about 50 mph and deal decent damage. When aimed at an enemy, the Scout will home towards the target and be unable to do anything else. When not aimed at an enemy, the Scout will freely fly around. The Scout will be recoil backwards after hitting the enemy or a surface. The Scout will stun and knock-back the enemy.

Bomb Type (F): Haze Bomb.Edit

Haze Bomb

Scout's Haze Bomb

Launches a device that emits a opaque cloud of nanites, providing the "Sensor Evade" buff which disables enemy target (lock-on) systems.

(NOTE: The "Sensor Evade" buff lasts for a few seconds longer even after the Scout has left its safe cloud of  haze nanites.)


When to play scout, speed. Do as much as possible to keep your momentum - slide, jump, change-autumn, no difference. The class really performs the best in the hit and run role-it's restoring health means what it's going to do in Wed or the LP's games keep the enemy distracted. And never - never - stay in the same place. Circle-strafe like crazy.

Thunder Kick during Turbo-boost; doing so allows you to go even faster, as well as increasing the stun duration of Thunder kick. Follow up with slashes, if safe, or SMG fire, if not. Thunder Kick can also be used to escape unfavorable situations and move you somewhere where you have a better chance of winning the fight. Note that you can change the direction of thunder kick by moving the mouse.

Doped saber chop can also be used to reach places or escape, since it thrusts you forward. Learning how to use the saber without the lock is a must, as doing so allows you to deal more damage, as well as making easier to escape if the situation goes south.

The Haze Bomb disables the lock-on ability of any enemies within, as well as making enemies not within unable to lock onto anyone in the mist; note that the red indicating a sure hit with the lock still functions, and the railgun is unaffected by the haze.

Turbo boost can be used to make yourself a much harder target for the person fighting you; note, however, that if you use it wrong you're easy pickings for their buddies. Escaping with Turbo is also a valid tactic.

Dash Acceleration:

All classes take a long time to accelerate and reach their max speed. This is how Scouts can disable this time: 1- Equip your saber. 2- Walk a bit. 3- HOLD THE RIGHT BUTTON. 4- Slash You will do a Dash Slash. After this slash, your speed is at max.

Dash Dancing: This isn't super easy to use, but can be really useful if used properly. The trick is simple. You have to dance using the DA. 1- Saber. 2- Keep right button clicked. 3- Move in the direction you want to go. 4- Slash. 5- Immediately click to another direction (or the same, if you want to DA to it). 6- Slash again. Repeat from step 5-. If done properly, you will dash at 36 mph (43.2 if you doing it forward) at multiple directions. The uses are many: You can make those gunner’s life hell. They won't be able to snipe you while you dash and conquer their base.

Thunder Fly: Using your aim to switch directions. By doing this, you can reach any angle you want. You can turn around and enter the middle center at almost any case. Or reach your base more safely.

KGC (provided by Tenkari) As the name suggests, you Kick then Grenade then Chop.  How to do it: you should lock on before doing the kick. Then, while your opponent and you fly backward, throw a grenade. Then, while they are stunned, wait about 1 second and chop (press R) them to death.

Pros: relatively easy to execute, lots of damage. Flaws: it's hard to do this on enemies if you are both high in the air. Also, aiming with grenades while using the saber isn't that easy. Finally, if they counter grenade or counter kick you, it wont work.


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The first Scout cosmetic skin.

   Note that classes must be bought first before purchasing a skin. Ex: Buy Scout class first to unlock the ability to buy the Scout skin.

In the new official update the first cosmetic scout skin is not burgundy red instead of being yellow and dark gray as shown in the left image. Please remove this once the pic is updated.Furthermore in the full relase of the game the red suit for the scout has been finally updated into the game and costs 50 kreds or slugs.

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FreeFall Tournament Gameplay Scout 02

FreeFall Tournament Gameplay Scout 02


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