Moonbase was the second map released, after shuttle bay, and before Training Arena TDM. On release, it had a 50% greater payout than shuttle, at 9 xp and 90 cash. Upon the release of training arena, this was increased to 15 xp and 150 cash.


The current layout of this map is 2 starting/spawn stations with a large gate each, a main building in the middle of the map which sports the first control point that you have to capture with a health pack healing 3000 on top and the mega damage just above it, a control point on a platform held up by 2 long sets of pipes, a square "belt" that goes up and down with a control point on each corner and a bomb on each arch, 2 control points to the left and right of the main building, and a health pad healing 2000 hp each on every corner of the map.


The gameplay of Moonbase centers around capturing a series of control points, only one of which is active at a given time. When a team manages to capture an active point, they are awarded 200 points, and the point deactivates, and after a short period of time, a random control point becomes active (the same point can not activate two times in a row. The new point will always be a different from the one just captured.) Matches end when one team reaches 1000 points or the 20 minute game timer runs out.


Prior to the graphics update and the expansion of the playerbase, some players would participate in an activity referred to as 'Cashflowing.' With the higher payouts of Moonbase, coupled with the speed with which a Moonbase match can be won if there's no interference from the other team (around two and a half minutes), the teams of players cashflowing took turns winning. While less common, some players would get a group of friends or alternate accounts to avoid having to trade wins, doubling the efficiency.


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