Assault RifleEdit

This is the Gunner's default weapon.

It can be used as your favourite weapon due to its range,and deals damage instantly to enemies.

Stats: DPS: 250

Range: Mid-Long

Mag: 60

Effect: Burst of 3 bullets (750 damage sighted)

Bread and butter of the gunner. This assault rifle is good for mid range to close range engagements (You'll want to keep it at a distance though). The first burst has a four bullet attack, one extra bullet in for continuous fire, this is important for dropping enemies. Maximum locking range is farther than most of the other classes guns, putting you at a great advantage at range.

Rail GunEdit

The Rail Gun is the secondary weapon.

This is your support weapon,go to a safe spot and snipe there.

Stats: DPS: Varies on distance

Range: Long

Mag: 100%

Effect: Piercing beam of light

Known as the sniper rifle in the FFT world, this is why the gunner is feared as a class. Instead of a lock on mechanic, this gun has a high powered scope for sniping at targets, sniping is not recommended for beginners but once you have a feel for the game, you should try, a good sniper can make even toughest of tanks sitting ducks. A headshot with this weapon will apply bellrung status to the enemy, making him slower, unable to use weapons and unable to use skills. This is what you'll want to do as a sniper for support. This weapon also has a variable damage as its damage is dependent on the range of which you hit the target (Farther you are, the more damage you deal), at ridiculous ranges, you can one shot smaller classes.