This page has links to all the guides in the Wikia ordered into different categories. If you've posted a guide or strategies on the Kongregate furoms put them here! Short Guides (Under 200 words) can be put directly on this page, however if you plan to make longer guides or a series of guides make a page for them.

Important Note:Edit

Just because a good player has a guide here doesn't mean its the word of God when it comes to playing, the guides are meant to help you but you don't have to follow them word for word. Also to all authors, feel free to add extra rows, plenty of space.


Put your tutorials in here, they should have a quick description of how to play and some little tips and tricks, a lot of new players may not know how to lock on, use their Ultimate to its full potential and how to use their scouts in general. Also.. Don't edit other peoples guides, just leave a message on their talk page if you see errors or if you want to leave a suggestion.

Tutorial's name Author Link (Wikia Link Please)
Tutorial BasicBasic BasicBasic Guides
A Mini-Guide for Beginners Crestmage redir: Kongregate


Post your strategies here!

Strategies name Author Link (Wikia Link Please)
Tech: Suppressor Qweztu+hijacker Kambetal1 Tech: Suppressor Guide
Shocker: Aegis Qweztu Shocker: Aegis Guide

Weapons GuidesEdit

Tell us how you use certain weapons, and why. What do you think are the best weapons in certain circumstances, and why!

Guides name Author Link (Wikia Link Please)

Classes GuideEdit

Guides name Author Link (Wikia Link Please)