Elo rating is the way that the teams are calculated in FreeFall Tournament.

Elo Rating

What is the Elo Rating System?Edit

The Elo rating system is a way of knowing the relative skill levels of players. Originally designed for chess and other two player games it has been adapted in many ways to include sports (football) and other video games.

Every player starts with a number (500 in chess) this is their elo. The higher the number the generally the better the player.

The winner of a game will increase his elo rating while the loser will lose the same amount of points the winner gained. The difference in elo also plays a role, the bigger the difference between two players the smaller the rewards for winning is for the higher ranked player and a much greater loss if the higher ranked player loses.

How is Elo in FFT calculated?Edit

FreeRange Games has said the players Elo ratings is based on Win and losses NOT kills and deaths.

What does Elo do in FFT?Edit

Elo is used to calculate who should be in what team in FFT. As of Update 9 Elo is not connected to XP however FreeRangeGames has said that for ranks above lft. (not yet released) may have xp and elo tied together.