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Cash rewards for matchesEdit

After an update equalizing rewards for all game modes, matches give the same payout regardless of map. A maximum of 100 cash is awarded for a victory, 50 for a tie, and 25 for a loss.

The later you join in a running match, the less cash you will recieve upon completion of the round.

Historically, the rewards for matches varied by game mode.

After the release of training arena

Training arena: 50 cash upon victory

Shuttle bay: 100 cash upon victory

Moon base: 150 cash upon victory, 

With the graphics update, the control point scramble mode was introduced to training arena, this gave the same reward as moon base (150 cash)

After the release of space station

Training arena: 100 cash upon victory

Shuttle bay: 100 cash upon victory

Moon base: 100 cash upon victory

Space station: 100 cash upon victory me


unlocking classes and purchasing upgrades.

Classes cost 10,000 cash each, and the cost of upgrades varies by tier (250 cash for a tier 1 upgrade, 1,000 cash for tier 2, and 5,000 cash for tier 3)

Before the removal of the Lab, cash could be used to purchase a variety of temporary boosts which had effects comparable with upgrades, though a bit stronger.

Formerly, it was possible to use 50 cash to respawn instantly instead of waiting for the team respawn timer to reach 0, though this was considered to be 'pay-to-win' by some, and was removed.