Quick player based opinions/tips/tricks.  

This thread gives a brief description of the class pools FFT provides. (Note: the newly added class Bomber is not described in this. This thread is also outdated but most of the info is generally accurate. Will be updated soon.)

If you are wanting to attack from a long distance you should use only gunners and maybe blazers (use the gunners rail gun and the blazers heat ray in this situation.) Beware, never stay in one spot for too long because it makes you vulnerable to attack by enemy opponents.

If your planning to attack your enemys in close quarters you should use the scout, assassin, or the tank.

All of them have close ranged weapons that can dish out high to moderate damage; especially when it's combined with their respective abilitys.

Use the tank if you perfer bulk rather than speed.)

Techs and Shockers tips: In the facilities, go into the hangar on the top of the world you should use shockers and techs for this job (use techs suppresors and repair gun and shockers ageis device and the lightning gun)  in the shuttle bays countinue to use the shocker and tech and stay behind your first set of force sheilds. the moon bases, stay in your spawning base.

Going against a scout or assassin? there armor is light. don't let them get you in close quarters and use the blazer class with his flame thrower if in close range.

Blaster is also an option. He uses rocket launcher and machine gun to dish out high amounts of damage. He's basically the KILL EVERYTHING class.

NEVER battle alone. Working as a team can get you out of a jam and always listen to the higher ranked players, they know the best ways to win. This game is also about team work. 

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