There are so many things wrong with this. I'm not taking the time to edit them, but just wanted to save any newbs the time reading this. DO NOT READ Perceptio15, G1

Assassin Tips

When an assasin there are ways to get quick 4-5 second kills on Tanks, Techs,Scouts, and other Assasins. In Shuttle Bay you should fly towards the ship at where the control point is but fly on top of there that ship and get onthe upper platform. As you can see you will see the control point and the entrance to the ship. When assasin its a smart thing to use Q(Cloak) Which makes you invisible for about 10 seconds. When that is done , switch weapons to Kyphoon Blades. Next pick your target and lock with the blades. WHen you find an easy target you think you can kill( Mainly Tanks,Techs,Scouts and other Assasins).I know youll think am crazy that i think why Tanks are easy to kill. Well my reason is WIth Kyphoon Blades when pressing are it deals a big chunk of some damage. So you should make sure our fit to kill a Tank. WHen locked at your target. Press E(Poison) and press R and launch at your target.Your invisibilty shouldve worn of when u attacked. This works well because your target has no idea someone is creeping upon them ready to kill them. WHen very clsoe at your target hit R this should release some bombs.By doing this combo you should kill your target in 4-5 or even 6 seconds.